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Fall Weekly Classes 2019


Our next weekly art session starts Nov 12! We'll combine portrait-drawing and still-life techniques to create fanciful and illustrious artworks inspired by famous Italian royal painter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo!

In Acrylic Painting class, we'll build our portraits using layers of realistic fruits and vegetables. In Pencil Drawing class, we draw a series of faces inspired by the four seasons. In Watercolour Painting class, we will sketch and paint our portraits using books. In Ceramics/Sculpture class, we will shape our portraits using clay.

We will also be running new workshops!

In "Cartoon Comic Drawing & Writing", we'll create our own stories and characters inspired by some of our favorite cartoons. 

In "Hand Sewing & Stitching), we'll create pillows and wall-hanging projects.


Contact us at or 778-681-6226 for more information on how to reserve a spot for your child(ren).

Pre-registration is required!

See you in class :)

- Messy Jessy

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