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Realistic Reflections: Portrait + Realism Kids' Art Camp @ LAB Art Studios, Richmond / Vancouver

This is one of our most anticipated camp themes yet!

LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
Summer Camps Week 7 August 5-9
Summer Camps Week 7 Aug 5-9

Give your child the opportunity to hone their artistic skills in a focused, immersive environment with our Realism and Portraits Art Camp! Running from August 5th to August 9th, this theme is great for kids aged 3 to 15, and is situated in the beautiful settings of Steveston Richmond, Kerrisdale, and Point Grey in Vancouver.

Throughout the week, campers will delve into the nuanced techniques of realism and portrait art, learning to capture the world and the people around them with new eyes.

Mastering the Art of Realism and Portraiture

Our camp is designed to challenge and expand young artists' abilities in capturing lifelike representations through various artistic mediums inspired by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Vermeer, and Edouard Manet:

  • Painting Studies: Students will explore different painting techniques that emphasize realism, learning to pay attention to details like light, shadow, texture, and colour gradations. They will practice painting from life and photos, improving their skills in creating realistic portraits and still life's that breathe life onto the canvas.

  • Sculpture Hand-Building: Sculpture sessions will focus on creating realistic human features and forms. Using clay and other materials, children will learn about anatomical proportions and how to express human emotions through three-dimensional art, providing a solid foundation in the basics of sculptural realism.

  • Fine Arts Drawing Techniques: A strong emphasis will be placed on fine arts drawing, with particular attention to accuracy and detail. Kids will engage in exercises designed to improve their hand-eye coordination and ability to draw what they see, developing techniques in shading, perspective, and composition essential for lifelike portrayals.

  • Textile/Multimedia Arts: Incorporating realism into textiles and mixed media, participants will create projects that mimic real textures and patterns found in nature and everyday life. These activities will encourage a deeper appreciation and observation of the world around them, translating these qualities into their artworks.

  • Science and Art Exploration: Linking art with science, the camp will cover topics such as the physics of light and colour, and the biology behind human anatomy and facial expressions. Understanding these scientific aspects enhances the our ability to produce realistic artworks grounded in scientific accuracy.

  • Creative Story Writing and Reading: Realism extends beyond the visual arts into the literary world. Campers will read and write stories that require detailed description and character development, paralleling their visual art training in capturing realism through words.

Summer Camps Schedule
Summer Camps Schedule

Location and Timing

Our art camps are conveniently located across three major areas in Vancouver, making it accessible for all families. Classes begin each day at either 9:00 or 10:00 AM and continue until 5:15 PM, accommodating various schedules.

Book Your Spot Today!

Spaces in our Realism and Portraits Art Camp are limited, so book early! This camp is perfect for young artists who are serious about advancing their skills and understanding of realism in art.

For bookings and more information, click on your preferred studio, and/or contact us. Read our Summer Camp FAQ here!

Can't wait to create with you!

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