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We have lots of fun inspiring art and academic projects for kids 6 and up to create on a weekly basis! Students will complete a large project based on our monthly theme. An all-time favourite for kids to explore colours, forms and layering is Acrylic Painting Class. For those who like to use a little more muscle and build 3D works of art can join Sculpture and/or Needle Felting. Pencil Drawing is for students to train their eyes and be able to recognize and draw what we see every day, and the world around us. For those who want to learn how to create animations and digital paintings, be sure to check our Digital Drawing class! 

You can read more about our monthly themes in our blog


Download the schedules:

Click on "Classes" or "Courses" at the top of the booking page to find your childs' preferred class. 

For any questions or help with booking, please contact us at, thanks!

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