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Online Art Classes

Draw along with Messy Jessy online!


These sessions are made for you and your child(ren), and will provide step-by-step direction on many different kinds of drawings. We will do a series of drawings throughout a session. 


For each class, you will need some paper, a sharp HB pencil and eraser. Colouring tools (like pencil crayons or watercolour paints) are optional but great to have on the side as I will usually show how to 'shade' and fill in the drawing. You will also need to download the Zoom app for free here at:

Once registration is made, a Zoom invitation link will be given. Please make sure to join the group promptly as class will start on time. There will be some guidance for students, but will do our best to stay on schedule with the drawing. Should you require more time or have any questions, please send an email and I'll do my best to answer after :) 

For those who like to do private one-on-one classes, please directly contact me at or 778-681-6226 for scheduling and cost.

See you in class :)

- Messy Jessy

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