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We'd like to introduce "My First Artsy Alphabet Book" for our budding young artists! This is a great tool for kids to practice fine motor skills by colouring/tracing the hand-drawn sketches by Messy Jessy, and practice phonics by saying "Hi!" to each of the letters and making the letter sounds. There are also familiar and new vocabulary that many artists use in the Art world for you and your kids to learn together. 


In just a few clicks, you can checkout, download and print this on paper of your choice. Size is 5.5"x8.5" so 2 pages can fit on any regular paper you may already have in your printer! It makes for a nice little book. If you would like to use acrylic or watercolour paints to colour, I highly recommend printing with a laser printer.


I'd love to see all your wonderful colouring : ) Please share photos of your lovely art by tagging us @lab.vancouver!


We hope you enjoy this with your kids at home, and stay healthy!


This booklet is recommended for ages 3 and up.

All rights reserved 2020.

My First Artsy Alphabet Book

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