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Summer Weekly Classes 2020


Only on the summer weekends, we have lots of fun inspiring projects for you and your kids to create on a weekly basis! Each month is a different theme, and we'll be drawing inspiration from graphic design artist Steve Harrington, German philosopher Ernst Haeckel, and fashion designer Guo Pei. Sessions are starting June 6th, and we have we have many classes to choose from:

In Acrylic Painting class, materials will include an unstretched canvas and all the paints to create a beautiful masterpiece. This is an all-time favourite for kids to explore colours, forms and layering.

In Mixed Media class, this is a good one to start for those who like to dabble in many different mediums: shading pencils, oil pastels and watercolours! This is a good introductory course for those who have never taken an art class before :)


In Sculpture class, materials include earthenware clay and glazing mediums to create a 3D masterpiece. This is great for those who like to use a little more muscle and build things from scratch.

Introducing Parent & Me Painting! - this is a fun-filled class for moms or dads to come make and create with their little one. There will be singing, some dancing, and lots of lovely firsts with crafty fun.


See schedule, and contact us at or 778-681-6226 to reserve a spot for your child(ren)! Pre-registration is required!

See you in class :)

- Messy Jessy

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