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Let us help your child focus and develop their skill in art and academics!

We have a wonderful team who would love the opportunity to encourage your child(ren) in critical thinking, and help develop better learning skills in most school subjects. Vancouver BC is an ever fast-growing city with diverse culture and people. We understand how important it is to give a personalized approach for each person, and to ensure students get the boost needed to achieve amazing results in whatever they do.

Message or call for a session to see how our teachers can help your child in the following areas:

- Art portfolio building for high-school and post-secondary education
- English reading and creative writing for elementary and high-school grade
- English phonics for toddlers

- Mandarin Pin Yin reading and writing for children 3+
- Math foundation and comprehension for elementary and high-school grade
- Science (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and anatomy) for elementary and high-school grade

These sessions would be taught 1 to 1 basis.

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