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What's New at LAB Studio? (Apr 2022)

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Starting in April, come check out our newest class: Ceramic Jewellery Workshop!

Come create your own set of necklaces, rings and/or charms with your family and friends!

What do we get to learn in these workshops?

In each workshop, we'll teach you a specific technique and/or type of ceramic jewellery design. Our instructors will walk you through all the steps of hand-building and painting the clay, and then give you time to make the piece on your own. When you are done, your pieces stay at our studio to dry. It will be finished off with a glaze and fired by our team. Your jewelry will be ready for pick up after 2-3 weeks - great things take patience!

Did you know? Jewelry made from clay has a long history that dates back to the first clay pots that were made many thousands of years ago! Clay is fun to work with if you want to make something exactly how you want it or if you want to let the material take its own shape. Think of a simple hanging charm or a set of beads for a necklace!

Some designs we will explore include: Modern Geometric Shapes, Art Deco, Minimalist Shapes, Botanical Representations, Traditional White and Blue Imagery.


Each workshop is $42 per person / $40 for LAB members, or when you book for more than 2 participants. Materials + tax included!

Check our schedules here, and sign up today to book your spots!

Can't wait to create with you,

Rainbow Rachel

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