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Discover Advanced Art Classes for Creative Minds, Ages 10 and Up! @ LAB Art Studio

Updated: Feb 7

Welcome to LAB, where innovation and creativity intertwine to bring you the finest and funnest of art classes!

Do you have imaginative and creative kids who are eager to take their art skills to the next level? Look no further! Check out our Advanced Art Weekly Classes, which are specialized courses for young artists aged 10 and up who are passionate about exploring art foundations and building upon their interests and stories.


Observation: The Key to Unlocking Your Artistic Potential

At LAB, we understand the significance of cultivating a discerning eye, and our classes are designed to hone this crucial skill. Through intentional observation, your child will develop an astute perception of their surroundings, culture, and discovering inspiration from the world.

Unleash Creativity with an Array of Mediums

We believe in empowering young artists to explore new horizons and express their creativity. Our Advanced Art classes offer a diverse range of Visual Art mediums to experiment with, including pencils, charcoals, oils, pastels, acrylics, and more. We also provide Digital Art instructions that will build on their technical skills with tablet and pen. With the guidance of our experienced team, your kid(s) will delve into the unique characteristics of each medium, mastering techniques into their artistic visions.

Exploring Spaces: Unveiling the Meaning of Location

In July and August, our Advanced Art classes will embark on an exciting themed: Spaces. We'll delve into the significance of space and location in our lives, unraveling their meanings and exploring the emotions they evoke. Students will have the opportunity to create captivating artworks that depict their unique interpretations of spaces, unveiling their personal connection to the world around them.

Throughout the program, students will undertake a series of individual projects, including the creation of a large artwork accompanied by artist statements. These classes are recommended for students aged 10 and above, providing an excellent opportunity for skill development and portfolio building.


During the summer, Advanced Digital Art classes will be on Sundays 10-11:30am and 12:00-1:30pm starting July 2nd. Advanced Visual Art classes will be on Saturdays 10-11:30am and 12:00-1:30pm starting July 8th... Book your classes online here.

Can't wait to create with you!

Messy Jessy + Team LAB

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