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Introducing Advanced Art Weekly Classes at LAB Studio!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

We at LAB love innovating and creating the best kind of classes for our students. Introducing: Advanced Art Weekly Classes, specialized courses designed for youths (10+ yrs) who want to learn and improve on modern drawing and painting techniques.

For those who don't know me, I am Incy Rincy! I joined LAB team as an art instructor since summer and loving it. A little bit about me: I am an artist and have been teaching arts for well over 10 years. After receiving my Arts Master Degree from one of the recognized Art Institutes in India, I taught students preparing for grade exams (they're like entrance exams held by the Indian government for those who want to learn and succeed in an art career). I am currently learning amazing things in the Education program at Trinity Western University as well.

Observation is the key element to being a great artist! A keen eye could be developed with intentional observation. At LAB, we will begin Advance Art Weekly Classes I have specifically designed with the team for youths who want to learn new skills by exploring new and or favourite mediums: pencil, charcoals, oils, pastels, acrylics and more!

Nature is our biggest inspiration, and technology is our best assistant. Therefore, technology and nature are going to be main components of this course. This course is designed with a unique way of learning where your child will learn to take inspiration from nature and their world around them. We'll note the colours and forms viewed with a camera lens, and turn the visuals into amazing individualistic art pieces with pencil and paint.

We will explore art through nature and learn new ways to develop inner creativity. There will be three levels and your child can start and/or keep practicing at any level:

During the course, students are expected to complete a series of individual projects including at least two large creations with artist statement(s). Again these are classes recommended for students at least 10 yrs and up. These classes are great for skill and portfolio building.

Check our schedule here, and book classes here

Classes will begin October 3rd, 2022.

Can't wait to keep creating with you all,

Incy Rincy + LAB Team


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