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New Weekly Class Theme: Georges Seurat Inspired Picnic at the Park, Beach Day @ LAB Art Studios

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Are you excited for summer waves to come?

Harrington-inspired Art
New Weekly Classes at LAB

This July and August, step into the colourful and warm, dotted world of Georges Seurat, a famous artist who loved to play with tiny dots of paint to create magical scenes!

We'll learn to observe how Mr. Seurat sees the world around him, and do that same to make scenes of our hometown, Vancouver. These 'Weekly Classes' are only happening during the weekends at all our studio locations (as we will be hosting Summer Camps from Monday to Friday from June 24 to Sep 6). We have a variety of classes from Acrylic Painting to Pencil Drawing for kids all ages (Toddlers to teens) to try.

Harrington-inspired Art
New Weekly Classes at LAB

Exploring Seurat's Style

Imagine using just dots to paint a whole picture - that’s what Seurat did with a technique called Pointillism. Instead of mixing colours on a palette, he placed small dots of pure colour side by side on the canvas. From a distance, these dots look like they blend together! Born in France over a hundred years ago, Seurat showed us how combining art and science can create something wonderful. His famous paintings like "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" are like puzzles of colour that come to life when you look at them from afar.

Creating Our Own Masterpieces

This summer at LAB art studios, we invite young artists to dive into Seurat’s innovative style while exploring our own beautiful Vancouver scenery. Inspired by Seurat’s famous park and beach scenes, students will create their own masterpieces using the Pointillism technique. Picture this: using colourful dots to capture the bustling Granville Island or the serene sunset at Kitsilano Beach. Each project is designed to not only teach the skills of Pointillism but also to encourage students to observe the world around them in a new way, just as Seurat did. Join us for these fun and engaging classes, where each dot you paint connects you to the beauty of both art and nature in Vancouver!

What Parents Can Look Forward To

Enrolling your child in our summer art classes offers more than just a chance to learn about Georges Seurat and his unique style of painting. It’s an opportunity for kids to boost their creativity, enhance their fine motor skills, and learn how to express themselves through the visual language of art. Our classes provide a supportive environment where young artists can experiment with colours and techniques, make new friends, and develop a deeper appreciation for the arts. It’s going to be a wonderful summer adventure!


We'll have all sorts of Weekly Class programs available in our Steveston, Point Grey and Kerrisdale studios, for the following age groups: Toddlers, 3-5, 6-9, and 10+ years.

Select by location, and then age group for your booking.

See our schedules for Steveston

2024 July-August LAB Steveston - Weekly Classes
Download PDF • 207KB

See our schedules for Point Grey

2024 July-August LAB Point Grey - Weekly Classes
Download PDF • 205KB

See our schedules for Kerrisdale

2024 July-August LAB Kerrisdale - Weekly Classes
Download PDF • 204KB

Can't wait to create with you! Messy Jessy


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