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Elevate Your Child's Learning with Audiobooks!

School is out and summer is here! We all know how important it is to keep our children engaged with fun and educational activities during the break. Nothing beats the summer heat more than enjoying a good read under a tree or by the pool with a nice breeze. But we understand not all kids love reading. If your child needs some support and encouragement, why not try elevating your child’s summer reading with an audiobook?

Listening to audiobooks have a number of benefits to the child and for the parents. Audiobooks help facilitate reading comprehension and assists children in reading more challenging stories by sounding out words and increasing their vocabulary. By listening to the enthusiasm of the reader and being engaged in amazing and fun storytelling, this can encourage a passion for literature in young children as well. What better way to spend quality time with your children by listening and reading books together, sharing in the laughs and imaginative adventures.

Not only does reading with your child create a stronger bond, it also has a positive impact on your child’s ability to control their emotions and behaviors. Based on a recent study by Mendelsohn et al. it demonstrates a strong correlation between parents who read aloud and play with their kids at a young age with a decrease in child behavioral issues such as aggression, hyperactivity, and attention deficits. When parents read with their children, it exposes the child to more opportunities to learn about social situations, to empathize with characters, and to have an open discussion with their parents regarding these constructs. Reading also expands their vocabulary and children become better suited to express themselves through words when faced with challenging feelings, which allows them to better control their emotions. Reading aloud with your child, or having your child follow an audiobook along with their favourite story, will undoubtedly be beneficial to kids of all ages.

If your child needs some inspiration to begin with, we recommend one of our favourites: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. One of the reasons why we love this book is because of how Dahl paints a picture with his words, which breathes his story to life. Douglas Hodge, who is the narrator, has received critical reviews for his professional yet enthusiastic take on this classic with engaging voices and interesting sound effects. The narration of this story on is also listed as one of their Audible Essentials, too!

Another one we are loving this summer is the Harry Potter series that’s now free on audible or wherever you get your podcasts. We are enjoying every moment of it. It has taken us back to still hope for our letters to be delivered by an owl saying we’ve been accepted to Hogwarts.

If you need more ideas, check this blog by for more stories for kids of all ages!

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