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Let's Party at LAB Art Studio!

Updated: May 9, 2023

What better way to spend your special day than by creating awesome art with your friends and family!

We make birthdays (and other celebrations) quite fun here at the LAB studio. Our parties are catered to kids of all ages (and even big kids at heart too)! We also love making your party theme a dream come true.

Our private party packages start at $220* for a minimum of 4 guests for 2 hours of artsy fun! The first hour would be dedicated to the art project (all materials will be provided -yay!), and the second hour is for everyone to celebrate with food and presents. Each participant gets to create and take home their own masterpiece!

We have a ton of project options, and we can customize the lesson to whatever theme you would like. Our favourite activity by far is acrylic canvas painting! It's a great activity for all ages! We also have some specialized art available such as: needle felting, clay sculpting and even dollhouse decorating. Some times, we even have kids requesting magic slime, plant & paint, and friendship bracelets too. The options are absolutely endless! If you need help making your event even more awesome, we offer customized party bags, and can help with decorations too.

Maximum guests is 24 in our studio space. We highly encourage groups to be part of a close family or friends bubble unit to get together. Guests must wear masks during the "art session" when instructors are present. We also kindly ask participants to bring their own food, utensils, napkins, and anything else for the birthday party.

When you inquire about in-studio birthday party dates with us, we will require a deposit for minimum 4 guests: $220* to secure a date and time.


For kids’ parties, do parent(s) need to be there for the party?

Parents don’t need to be there for the first art portion if the participating guests are more than 3 years old. The second hour is your studio time, where you can bring food, open presents and have family/friends gather; we do ask for at least 1 parent to be in the studio to supervise that portion, especially if any food is served.

Can we do the two full hours of just art?

Yes! It will just be $50 more for the additional hour of art fun. If there are 8 participating guests or more, then it will be $100 for the additional hour of art fun.

Can we extend the party time to longer than 2 hours?

This depends on schedule availability and number of guests. Extra studio time starts at $50 per hour. Please inform us ahead of time if you wish to extend the party past 2 hours.

What kind of decorations and supplies can I bring to the party?

You can bring balloons, party hats, banners, tablecloths, streamers to decorate! Please bring your own utensils, plates, and cutting knife when serving food.

We can add on decorations as an additional service! Let us know the theme of your

party and we will curate the best decorations for you. Feel free to let us know your decorations’ budget as well.

Do I need to have a theme for the party?

It’s always super fun to have a theme! In case you haven’t noticed… we LOVE all sorts of character-themed parties at LAB! Here are some themes we’ve done for all ages:

  • Unicorns

  • Dinosaurs

  • Disney Princess

  • Paw Patrol

  • Pokemon

  • Animal Crossing ... and much more!

We are always happy to help with suggestions and ideas for a party theme!

And inquire with us today about planning your party!

Can't wait to party with you,

Team LAB

*All costs are subject to applicable taxes.

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