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Kids Love to Party at LAB Art Studio!

Updated: Mar 20

Kids Love to Party at LAB Art Studio!

Our art parties at LAB Studio are a fantastic way to encourage creativity and self-expression in kids all ages. Whether it's for a birthday celebration or just a fun get-together, we can provide a space and opportunity for kids to experiment with different art mediums in a fun and engaging way.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a kids' art party at LAB!

1. We keep it creative!

Art parties allow kids to tap into their imagination and create something unique. With a variety of art materials and techniques available from canvas painting and watercolour to ceramic hand-building and plant pot decorating, kids can explore different ways of expressing themselves creatively. This helps build their confidence and encourages them to think outside the box.

2. We get to party with friends!

Inviting friends, classmates and family to your kids' parties can be great and relaxed for the kids to socialize and interact with each other. They may share similar interests, teach each other and work together. It's also a great way to make new friends and strengthen existing friendships.

3. We learn new things with our awesome instructors!

Team LAB loves a good party! We're here to make it memorable and special for the birthday person and their friends and family. Our instructors are experienced and passionate about art, and they love sharing their knowledge and skills with kids. During the party, they'll guide the kids through the art project and teach them new techniques and concepts, such as colour mixing, brush strokes, or composition. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn something new and develop their artistic abilities.

We're happy to answer questions, share stories, and make connections with the kids, creating a memorable and special party!

4. We customize the party theme to whatever your kids' like!

What's better than to practice art making by creating something the birthday person loves!? We've done so many fun themes in the past such as: Frozen's Elsa, The Little Mermaid, Pokemon, Paw Patrol, Roblox, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Murakami-inspired Rainbow Flowers, Zebras, Dinosaurs and Unicorns. Let us know what your birthday theme is, or we can suggest some favourites as well.

5. Our party packages are great for all ages and budget-friendly!

Take a look at our party packages' brochure, and see what we can offer for making a memorable party for your child(ren). Our party packages start at $220* for a minimum of 4 guests for 2 hours of artsy fun! The first hour would be dedicated to the art project (all materials will be provided), and the second hour is for everyone to celebrate with food and presents. Each participant gets to create and take home their own masterpiece - woo! We offer party decorations and gift bags as well to make the party prepping


Having a kids' art party at LAB is an excellent way to encourage creativity, socialization, and fun for children. It's a unique and memorable experience that they'll remember for years to come. So why not book your next party with us and let your kids unleash their inner artist?

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Update! We have 3 locations to host parties now! Woohoo!

Inquire with either:

LAB Steveston (110-12480 No 1 Road, Richmond) or

LAB Point Grey (4431 W 10th Ave, Vancouver)

or LAB Kerrisdale (2090 W41st Ave, Vancouver)

to check with our availability to host your party!

Lots of smiles,

Messy Jessy

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