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Have a Tie-Dye Party at LAB Art Studio!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

At LAB, we love to tie-dye!

You’ve probably joined one or many of our special tie-dye workshops at our studio. If you haven't, you have to know it’s the perfect place to get a little messy, crazy and colourful! We usually have tie-dye classes during Camp Days or No-School Days!

Be sure to check out our schedules to see when it’s coming up. Of course you can always book a tie-dye Party with your besties! Again we provide all the materials, colours and clean up, and all you have to do is enjoy!

Tie-dye is a vibe and has been for a long time. When you google the history of tie-dye, people have been doing since the 5th century AD in China - wow! In Japan, people practiced shibori, where you wrap the clothing around a large rope or wood to dye to make beautiful patterns for kimonos. In Indonesia, people used dyes with wax to create resist patterns, and it's called batik jumputan. We love how there are many ways to tie-dye, and you cannot go wrong.

Want to know some of our favourite tie-dye tips?

  1. Dampen your fabric!

We like to spray or dunk our t-shirt with cold water before adding our favourite colour dyes because the colours blend better this way! We also like to add a good amount of water to our colour dyes to make a beautiful pastel effect.

  1. Know your colours!

Do you know what colours go well together? We love using up to 3 different colour dyes max to create the most beautiful combinations. Brilliant red goes well with yellow to make orange hues. Green and blue create a terrific teal, and when mixed with a bit of violet it gives it great contrast.

Our favourite has to be yellow, cerulean blue and light pink to make the best rainbow effect! It’s our LAB special ;)

  1. Expect the unexpected!

With tie dye, you never know what sort of pattern and design you’re going to get in the end! It’s always a happy surprise when we see how the colours blend and dry together. It's a great way to express yourself, and put some colourful happiness in your closet!

Look at all the ways we tie dye :)

Check our schedules during Camp Days or No-School Days!

Or book a tie dye t-shirt Party with your besties!

Can't wait to create with you!

Messy Jessy

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