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Meet Silly Sirus!

At LAB, we love our furry animals. Sometimes you might see Silly Sirus here at the studio with us hanging out with me in the front greeting our creative artists.

He’s always smiling, always patiently waiting, and always so loving. Here are 10 things I learned from my dog, Silly Sirus!

1. Greet your loved ones at the door.

There’s nothing better than to come home and all your loved ones come up to you wagging their tails just excited to see you - wagging tail optional. It doesn’t matter if your loved ones is heading out to the corner store or to a trip halfway around the world, it’s ALWAYS nice to be greeted.

2. Everyone can benefit from a long walk.

Doesn’t matter the destination, it’s all about the journey. I find myself connecting with my partner and our Sirus pup more than anything else we do sharing our day, our thoughts, our random rock findings!

3. Don’t bite when a growl will do.

Sirus will show his teeth to little puppies that come up to him to show them he’s not interested. I was also taught at puppy school to not always use the word “no” but use “ugh ugh” when it’s something less severe. I’ve learned not to overreact and use harsh words when a little growl will do.

4. Drink lots of water.

Water does its wonders for dogs and people! Just drink up!

5. Live in the moment.

It doesn’t matter to Sirus what happened earlier in the day, or even five minutes earlier, he’s always focused on the task at hand (like wagging his tail and begging for a treat as an example, even though he’s stolen a whole bag earlier in the day). Enjoy every current moment.

6. Be loyal and dependable.

If we all start a hike together as a group, he will always come and make sure I’m always part of the group, and dependable to send off to look for the ones lagging behind. These are great qualities for any friend/ coworker/ and family.

7. Play every day.

No matter how long the day is, we play every day with our loved ones to laugh together, to run together, to be silly together! Some days are messier than others too!

8. Be yourself.

Sirus is one of a kind. He's silly, needy and happy, and we love him for exactly who he is!

9. Jump for joy when you’re happy!

Sirus will have his tail wagging when he’s happy and excited. Celebrate all the wins however big or small!

10. Love unconditionally.

... And this is the most important lesson I have learned from Sirus.

All my love, Trendy Wendy

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