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Welcome to LAB Point Grey Art Studio!

Updated: Feb 7

Hello and welcome to our newest LAB studio at Point Grey Village!

LAB Friends
LAB Friends Art Studio

Since we expanded and inaugurated our second LAB art studio in Point Grey during the late summer of 2023, it's been an extraordinary journey—one that has filled our hearts with gratitude and humility. As the founder and co-owner of LAB Language Arts Base, I wanted to take a moment to share our story with you, our valued community in both Steveston Richmond and Point Grey, Vancouver. I also want to express how much your support means to my fellow partner, Trendy Wendy, our growing team of instructors, and me.

We've navigated through many ups and downs, especially when we initially moved to a larger studio in Steveston right at the start of the pandemic. The fact that we've come this far in the last few years is a testament to our dedication and your unwavering support. Our journey wouldn't have been possible without the incredible backing of our families and friends. Your enthusiastic encouragement is what propels us to provide the best art experience for everyone, and for that, we're deeply thankful. Point Grey Village is flourishing, with revitalized streets becoming more family-friendly, and we're delighted to be a part of this community transformation. Check out a little behind the scenes of when we were setting up our second studio with Trendy Wendy, Mr. Trendy, Mr. Messy, Mona Lyssa, Just Jenn and Creative Carmen.

BTS LAB Point Grey
Behind the Scenes Setting Up LAB Point Grey

Our mission at LAB has always been clear: to share our love and passion for the arts. We firmly believe that art transcends boundaries—it's a universal language that knows no age, skill level, or background. Our doors are wide open to anyone and everyone. We take pride in teaching parents and toddlers to paint together for the first time, helping kindergarteners discover the joy of reading and drawing, and hosting vibrant artsy parties for kids and adults alike. LAB is a place where individuals of all ages can come together to learn, explore, and create art that expresses their thoughts.

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is witnessing the magic that unfolds when our students and our team collaborate, whether it's during a regular after-school session or a lively birthday party. It's a joyful experience that constantly renews our commitment to art. Art possesses the remarkable power to connect people, forge lasting friendships, and ignite the creative spirit within us. To those who have taken a class with us, written a heartfelt review for our team, and referred a friend to our studio, we express our deepest gratitude. Your continuous support from day one fuels our passion for art and our desire to keep sharing our creative energies. See some fun snippets of our days at Point Grey studio.

Art Studio Fun
Fun Days at LAB Point Grey

As we progress on this incredible journey, we want to share with you what's coming up next at LAB. We have an array of exciting events in the pipeline, including the Winter Festival at Point Grey, more flexible camps and workshops for kids, and sessions tailored for adults at both studios. There is also the possibility of opening a third location by the new year, and we can't wait to reveal more about it. Keep an eye out for our upcoming pop-up location in another bustling spot in Vancouver - it's going to be a blast!

We're absolutely thrilled about our expansion and the journey that lies ahead as small business owners. If you haven't already, please follow us on Instagram, Redbook, and join our monthly newsletters to stay updated on all our latest happenings. Come visit our new space at 4431 West 10th Avenue Vancouver if you haven't already. Thank you for being a part of the LAB family, and we're eager to see where our shared love for art will take us next.

Can't wait to keep creating with you,

Messy Jessy + Team LAB

LAB Language Arts Base Ltd.

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