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3 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Sculpture Class - LAB Art Studio

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

At LAB we offer weekly Sculpture classes for ages 3 to 15 years old. We use earthenware clay and polymer clay to hand build fun and interesting objects inspired by our monthly artist and theme. Our instructors pay special attention to teach kids how to create step by step using different tools and finally decorate their pieces in colourful underglazes.

Here's 3 reasons why your kids will love our Sculpture classes:

1. It’s all hands on!

We learn to problem solve by practicing motor skills. Not only do we pinch, press and pull with our hands, but we get to use all kinds of things like rolling pins, silicone brushes and special scratching tools to make all sorts of amazing sculptures! Clay is super sensory and that's our biggest take away from sculpture class.

2. We get to use all our muscles!

Hand-building helps facilitate coordination between our hands, eyes and mind. This type of activity sharpens neural focus while calming the mind. Unlike sports, you won't be out of breath! However we're using all sorts of important muscles to get better and stronger.

3. Clay is sticky fun!

Kids can get so engaged with what they're building, and it's great to see them have fun while getting a little messy. We show how to experiment and play with clay in different stages, and kids love how clay can feel soft and squishy in their hands, then see how their creations harden so they can paint on it! Clay is totally adaptable, and when we show how mistakes can be easily fixed, kids feel more empowered to keep creating.

Clay is a great activity to do during parties and events too!

We hope to see you join one of our Sculpture classes!

Can't wait to create with you,

Rainbow Rachel

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