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New Weekly Class Theme: Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Bubble Tea Party + Dim Sum Date @ LAB Art Studios

Hello LAB Fam!

Harrington-inspired Art
New Weekly Classes at LAB

From May to June, our art classes are about to take a delightful turn into the world of sweet treats, and cultural food still life, drawing inspiration from the iconic artist Wayne Thiebaud. Renowned for his vibrant and delectable paintings of cakes, pies, and other culinary delights, Thiebaud's work serves as a perfect muse for our upcoming sessions. In these classes, we'll not only immerse ourselves in the joyous process of creating art but also delve into Thiebaud's unique style and his profound passion for painting.

Harrington-inspired Art
New Weekly Classes at LAB

Exploring Thiebaud's Style

Before we dive into our own artistic endeavours, it's essential to understand the essence of Mr. Thiebaud's style. His paintings are characterized by their bold colours, thickly applied paint, and a playful yet meticulous attention to detail. His compositions often feature everyday objects, particularly sweets and pastries, arranged in visually whimsical and rhythmic compositions. Through his art, Thiebaud invites us to appreciate the beauty and nostalgia found in the simple pleasures of life, especially in the realm of food!

Creating Our Own Masterpieces

With Thiebaud's style as our guide, our art classes will be a journey of exploration and creativity. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with various techniques, from mastering the art of capturing light and shadow to perfecting the texture of their favourite sweet foods and drinks, and creating a realistic table top of foods they grow up having with their families and friends. Through hands-on activities and guided instruction, they'll learn how to translate their observations of all kinds of food into vibrant and captivating still life compositions and sculptures.

What Parents Can Look Forward To

These art classes offer more than just an opportunity for their children to hone their artistic skills. They can look forward to witnessing their children's creativity blossom as they explore the rich world of food still life inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's unique style. Moreover, these classes provide a unique avenue for children to develop patience, attention to detail, and a deeper appreciation for art - even the culinary arts! Let's pick up our brushes and indulge in the delightful journey that awaits us!


We'll have all sorts of Weekly Class programs available in our Steveston, Point Grey and Kerrisdale studios, for the following age groups: Toddlers, 3-5, 6-9, and 10+ years.

Select by location, and then age group for your booking.

See our schedules for Steveston

2024 May-Jun LAB Steveston - Weekly Classes
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See our schedules for Point Grey

2024 May-Jun LAB Point Grey - Weekly Classes
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See our schedules for Kerrisdale

2024 May-Jun LAB Kerrisdale - Weekly Classes
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Can't wait to create with you! Messy Jessy


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