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New Weekly Class Theme: Selfies and Best Buddies Inspired by Yoshitomo Nara @ LAB Art Studios

Updated: Mar 21

Harrington-inspired Art
New Weekly Classes at LAB

Hello LAB Fam!

We cannot wait for Spring time and warmer weather as much as our upcoming Weekly Classes at LAB! Starting March, we're excited for our themes: "Self Portraits and Best Buddies," inspired by the incredible artist Yoshitomo Nara. We'll delve into the exciting world of self-expression through art and why learning about Nara's unique style can be an enriching experience for kids all ages.

The Magic of Self Portraits

Self-portraits are not just about capturing one's physical features; they're a journey into self-discovery and self-expression. Through this theme, our young artists will embark on an adventure of exploring their own identities and expressing the uniqueness that makes them special. Painting self-portraits allows children to convey their emotions, preferences, and individuality on canvas, fostering a sense of self-appreciation and confidence.

Celebrating Friendships with Best Buddies

Harrington-inspired Art
New Weekly Classes at LAB

In addition to self-portraits, our classes will focus on creating artwork inspired by the concept of "Best Buddies." in April. This theme encourages children to celebrate the bonds they share with their friends and loved ones. Through collaborative projects, they will learn the joy of teamwork, communication, and the importance of cherishing relationships.

Discovering Yoshitomo Nara's Art Style

Yoshitomo Nara, a renowned contemporary artist, is famous for his captivating depictions of children with distinct, oversized heads and innocent expressions. Learning about Nara's art style can inspire your child to explore different perspectives, experiment with bold colours, and appreciate the beauty in simplicity. Nara's work often combines elements of pop culture, Japanese aesthetics, and a childlike innocence, creating a unique and visually engaging experience for viewers of all ages. Thus Nara's art matters for many reasons:

  • Cultural Appreciation: Nara's art reflects elements of Japanese culture, providing a wonderful opportunity for cultural exploration.

  • Encourages Creativity: Nara's whimsical and imaginative style encourages children to think outside the box and embrace their creativity.

  • Visual Storytelling: Nara's ability to tell stories through his art inspires children to create narratives within their own artwork.

Our classes, inspired by Yoshitomo Nara's art, provide a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond the canvas. Join us as we embark on a colorful adventure of self-portraits, best buddies, and the boundless creativity that lies within each young artist.

Art Takeaways for Parents

  • Boosted Confidence: Self-portraits empower children by instilling confidence in their unique qualities and features.

  • Emotional Expression: Painting allows kids to express their emotions visually, providing a healthy outlet for self-reflection.

  • Social Skills: Collaborative projects build social skills, teaching children the value of cooperation and teamwork.

Let's make this Spring a season of artistic growth and endless possibilities!


We'll have all sorts of Weekly Class programs available in our Steveston, Point Grey and Kerrisdale studios, for the following age groups: Toddlers, 3-5, 6-9, and 10+ years.

Select by location, and then age group for your booking.

See our schedules for Steveston Village!

2024 Mar-Apr LAB Steveston - Weekly Classes
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See our schedules for Point Grey!

2024 Mar-Apr LAB Point Grey - Weekly Classes
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See our schedules for Kerrisdale

2024 Apr LAB Kerrisdale - Weekly Classes
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Can't wait to create with you! Messy Jessy


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