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Weekend Workshops are Back at LAB Studio (Steveston Village, Richmond)

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Hi LAB Friends!

Starting February 2023, our Weekend Workshops are back at LAB Studio! These classes will be single drop-ins to cater better to those with dynamic schedules. All you have to do is sign-up on our website by clicking “Book Now” and you will find it under “Weekend Workshops” at Steveston Village location.

We will be hosting children ages 6 to adults! These workshops are much more flexible and allow room for customizing creations. Participants can choose from pre made ceramics and get the chance to underglaze/paint their own designs, as well as paint wonderful themes on canvas.

The workshops last one hour, and paintings can be finished and taken home the same day. For ceramics, we’ll fire them up in our kiln and send you an email when your creation is ready to be picked up!

Here are 4 reasons why we love ceramic and painting workshops!

1. Pinterest has been full of unique aesthetic pieces.

All the funky shapes and colours have inspired us to spice up our spaces.

2. Homemade items come with love and stories.

There is also something so gratifying about filling up your home with pieces made with love and from your very own hands. Crafting your own creations adds so much value and a story behind them that only you can tell. Especially after the whole "Marie Kondo" hype, we look for pieces that spark joy through memories of an item’s backstory.

3. Handmade pieces are great to reflect your own personality and style.

As we’re looking to spruce up our spaces in the new year, it’s also key to decorate with pieces that reflect my personality and taste. With customizable ceramics or paintings, you are truly able to pour yourself into your pieces and display them in your everyday life. I love how my works of art, mugs, bowls, and coasters can all be little reminders of things that I love. For example, you can paint your favourite fruits, words, and more!

4. Bonding with others.

Workshops serve as a perfect place to bond with loved ones. Our studio also serves as a safe creative space that leaves room for fun and memorable conversation.


So come by our studio this weekend. We cannot wait to see what creations you will come up with!

Amazing Andrea + Messy Jessy

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