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New Weekly Class Theme: Blue Period + Funny Faces Inspired by Picasso @ LAB Art Studios

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Hi LAB Fam!

LAB Art Classes for Kids - My Dream House
LAB Art Classes for Kids - Picasso's Blue Period

Art truly has the magical ability to transport us to different worlds, spark our imagination, and ignite our creativity.

When it comes to introducing kids to the captivating world of art, one name that stands out is none other than Mr. Picasso, don't you think?

His unique style, innovation, and many phases of his artistic journey make learning about Picasso an enriching experience for young minds.

This September and October, we'll delve into why learning about Picasso is a fantastic endeavour for kids, focusing on his Blue Period, the whimsical Funny Faces portraits, a glimpse into Picasso's history, and the valuable lessons his art process can teach young learners.

Picasso's Blue Period: A Journey of Emotions

Picasso's Blue Period, spanning from 1901 to 1904, holds a significant place in the art world. During this phase, Picasso explored themes of sadness, loneliness, and vulnerability through shades of blue. Introducing kids to this period can help them understand the power of colors in conveying emotions. They can learn that art is a powerful means of expressing feelings and experiences, even when words fall short. Encouraging kids to discuss how they interpret the emotions behind these artworks can foster empathy and emotional intelligence.

LAB Art Studio
LAB Art Classes for Kids - Picasso's Funny Faces

Exploring Funny Faces

Picasso's portraits, characterized by crazy features and imaginative distortions, offer a playful entry point into his mind. Learning about these portraits can ignite kids' creativity, showing them that art doesn't always have to be realistic. It encourages them to break free from conventional norms and create art that is as unique as they are. Engaging kids in activities where they can create their own funny faces using different shapes, colors, and features allows them to embrace their imagination without limits.

What we can learn from Mr. Picasso:

- Thinking outside the box!

Picasso's innovative approach to art challenges kids to think beyond the obvious. Encourage them to see ordinary objects from different angles and create artwork that defies expectations.

- It's OK to make mistakes!

Picasso's willingness to embrace imperfections and turn them into art can teach kids that mistakes are a natural part of the creative process. It's okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

- Let's be ourselves!

Picasso's diverse styles showcase the importance of expressing one's unique perspective. Kids can learn to celebrate their individuality and create art that reflects their personality.


We'll have all sorts of Weekly Class programs available in both our Steveston and Point Grey studios starting Saturday September 2nd! We have schedules for the following age groups: Toddlers, 3-5, 6-9, and 10+ years.

Select by location, and then age group for your booking.

See our schedules for Steveston Village!

2023 Sep-Oct LAB Steveston - Weekly Classes
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See our schedules for Point Grey!

2023 LAB Point Grey - Weekly Classes
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Let's have a great start to the school year!

Can't wait to create with you! Messy Jessy


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