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Weekly Classes for Kids - LAB Art Studio

Updated: Feb 7

At LAB, we have a great variety of different artsy and academic “Weekly Classes” to join. There’s a schedule for all ages and it’s categorized into: Toddlers (< 3), 3-5’s, 6-9’s, 10+'s

When you join a “Weekly Class”, you come once a week at the same time for the duration of the course. In each class, students will work on a part of a large project over the weeks. By the end of the course, you take home a complete masterpiece!

What can we expect to make from all these different “Weekly Classes”?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some of the projects we get to create in each of the following classes:

Alphabet + Art (3-5 yrs)

We’ll go through a series of special LAB-made worksheets that will help with reading/writing practice, and complete a pencil/watercolour drawing.

Parent + Me Painting (for Toddlers 18months to 3 with Adult)

We’ll explore all sorts of mediums such as canvas painting, pastel drawing, collaging, and or clay. We’ll complete a large canvas project.

Mixed Media (for 3-5 yrs)

We’ll explore all sorts of mediums such as canvas painting, pastel drawing, collaging, and or clay. We’ll complete a large canvas project.

Acrylic Painting (for 3-5, 6-9, 10+ yrs)

We’ll work on layers of a painting each week, and complete a large canvas project.

Sculpture (for 3-5, 6-9, 10+ yrs)

We’ll work on preparing, sculpting and glazing an earthenware clay piece. Ceramics will be fired in our kiln. We will also explore polymer clays, air dry clays and/or modelling clays.

Pencil Drawing (for 6-9, 10+ yrs)

We’ll sketch, outline and colour using a variety of pencil/graphite mediums to complete a large drawing project.

Science + Art (for 6-9, 10+ yrs)

We’ll go through fun LAB-made worksheet(s), and may use all sorts of mediums to complete a fun special themed project. Most often our projects are sculptural or in a diorama format. We will also have opportunities to run experiments during class, and record our findings.

Digital Drawing (for 6-9, 10+ yrs)

We’ll use art editing and vector creating programs on laptops/tablets to complete a digital art piece. Students will have their art sent to parents’ email, and or have them printed out.

Needle Felting (for 6-9, 10+ yrs)

We’ll use textiles (wools, felts, fabrics) and special tools (needles) to complete a large sculptural piece. We may incorporate hand-sewing techniques.

Can I choose multiple Weekly Classes courses? If so, will the projects be the same?

We can suggest to choose different Weekly Classes like an Acrylic Painting class and a Sculpture class during the same time, and while the theme is the same for both, the projects and skill building will be very different.

If you choose to do say two Acrylic Painting classes during the same time, our instructors will note this as we plan out multiple lesson plans. The paintings may be more or less similar, but we’ll do our best to allow and remind the student to be more creative with their projects. Just know, nothing is better than more and more practice!

Do you have trial / drop-in classes?

If you’re new, and want to try out a class to see if it’s a good fit, for sure you can join a “Drop-in” class. Our drop in classes are $38-74 per class depending on the class type. However, we cannot guarantee that drop in students can complete and take home any part of the project. If you try out the first class, and decide to continue on, let our instructor(s) know so we can help you complete registration for the rest of the month.

What if we cannot make it to one of the classes during the course?

We understand things happen! If you know you cannot make it to one of the classes, please inform our instructors as soon as possible by e-mail or in person so we can arrange a free 15 minute make-up class before the next class, or schedule to another class time at an additional cost.

Make-up classes cannot be accumulated or carried over to other courses, or refunded. All make-up classes are subject to availability. No refund or credit will be given in the event of a suitable make-up class not being available or if students are unable to attend the make-up class provided. LAB Language Arts Base is not responsible for providing make up classes for missed time; however, we do our best to ensure projects are completed.

Can't wait to create with you,

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