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Dive Into Cubism Era at Richmond and Vancouver’s Summer Art Camp! @ LAB Art Studios

Updated: May 22

From July 15th to July 19th, young artists aged 3 to 15 can join us for an exciting journey into the world of Cubism at our "Cool as a Cubist" summer camp theme.

LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
Summer Camps Week 4 July 15-19
Summer Camps Week 4 July 15-19

Located in the vibrant communities of Steveston Richmond, Kerrisdale, and Point Grey in Vancouver, this week of our camp program offers a deep dive into one of the most influential art movements of the twentieth century.

Breaking the Mold with Cubism

Cubism, pioneered by artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, revolutionized modern art by challenging conventional forms of perspective and representation. Our camp is designed to inspire a new generation of young artists by exploring this fascinating style through a variety of mediums and techniques. This is what our students will make and learn each session:

  • Painting Studies: Campers will explore the cubist approach to painting, learning how to deconstruct and reassemble objects in abstracted forms. They will experiment with geometric shapes and interlocking planes to create dynamic and intriguing compositions.

  • Sculpture Hand-Building: Cubism isn't just for painters. In our sculpture sessions, kids will build three-dimensional artworks that represent multiple viewpoints, encouraging viewers to engage with the work from different angles. This hands-on experience helps children understand the cubist concept of showing multiple perspectives simultaneously.

  • Fine Arts Drawing Techniques: Drawing is a fundamental skill in art, and our campers will learn to apply cubist techniques to their sketches. By breaking down scenes and figures into basic geometric forms, young artists will gain a new perspective on drawing and composition.

  • Textile/Multimedia Arts: Cubism also translates beautifully into textiles and multimedia projects. Campers will combine various materials to create layered, textured mosaic pieces that reflect the fragmented aesthetics of Cubism. This integration of different art forms encourages creativity and experimentation.

  • Science and Art Exploration: We’ll explore the relationship between visual perception and artistic representation, a cornerstone in understanding Cubism. Activities will include creating optical illusions and understanding how the brain processes complex visual information.

  • Creative Story Writing and Reading: Just as Cubism breaks traditional rules in art, we’ll encourage campers to approach storytelling with the same innovative spirit. Kids will write and share stories that shift perspective, challenging the linear narrative and offering multiple viewpoints within the same tale.

Summer Camps Week 1 June 24-28
Summer Camps Week 1 June 24-28

Location and Timing

Our camps are hosted in accessible locations across Vancouver, ensuring convenience for families in Steveston Richmond, Kerrisdale, and Point Grey. Daily sessions run from either 9:00 or 10:00 AM until 5:15 PM, perfect for busy summer schedules.

Book Your Spot Today!

Space in our "Cool as a Cubist" camp is limited, so don’t wait to enrol your child in this unique artistic experience.

For bookings and more information, click on your preferred studio, and/or contact us. Read our Summer Camp FAQ here!

Let’s make this summer one to remember with creativity and colour!

Can't wait to create with you!

Messy Jessy


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