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Embrace Abstract Art at Richmond + Vancouver's Summer Art Camp (LAB Art Studios)

“Life is an abstract art, and it’s up to you to make sense of it.”

Talismanist Giebra

LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
Summer Camps Week 11 September 2-6
Summer Camps Week 11 Sep 2-6

The start of the September school season looks different for everyone, so we excitedly saved a surprisingly fun theme for the last week of our Summer Arts Camp program! From September 2nd to 6th, inspire your child’s creative spirit with a deep dive into the world of Abstract art!

Hosted in the vibrant communities of Steveston Richmond, Kerrisdale, and Point Grey in Vancouver, our camps for kids ages 3-15, provide an enriching environment for young artists to explore and express themselves through the innovative lens of abstract art.

Unleashing Creativity with Abstract Art

Abstract art moves beyond the traditional representations of physical objects. It emphasizes the visual language of shape, form, colour, and line to create compositions that may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Our camp encourages children to explore this artistic freedom through a variety of mediums and activities:

  • Painting Studies: Campers will immerse themselves in the techniques of famous abstract artists such as Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky. They'll learn to express their emotions and ideas through abstract painting, using color and form in ways that challenge their creative boundaries.

  • Sculpture Hand-Building: Abstract themes continue in our sculpture classes where children will create three-dimensional artworks that emphasize form and texture over realism. This hands-on experience not only enhances their tactile skills but also encourages them to think about art in a multi-dimensional space.

  • Fine Arts Drawing Techniques: Drawing sessions will focus on using lines and shapes to convey abstract ideas. Kids will experiment with automatic drawing, a process that frees the mind from traditional subject constraints, allowing them to produce spontaneous images that tap into their subconscious.

  • Textile/Multimedia Arts: Integrating different materials, campers will work on textile and multimedia projects that blend various textures and elements to create unique abstract works. This encourages innovation and experimentation, essential skills in the creation of abstract art.

  • Science and Art Exploration: We’ll delve into the fascinating intersection between science and abstract art, exploring concepts like symmetry, patterns, and randomness. Activities designed around these ideas will help campers understand how both science and art rely on observation, theory, and experimentation.

  • Creative Story Writing and Reading: Abstract art is not just seen but felt. Similarly, in our creative writing sessions, campers will learn to write stories that focus on conveying feelings and abstract concepts, rather than straightforward plots, enhancing their ability to communicate complex emotions and ideas.

Summer Camps Weekly Schedule
Summer Camps Weekly Schedule

Location and Timing

Our camps are ideally located in three easily accessible areas of Vancouver, ensuring convenience for all families. Classes run from 9:00 or 10:00 AM to 5:15 PM daily, perfect for busy family schedules, and especially during first week of school.

Book Your Spot Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to explore the boundless possibilities of abstract art. Remember, you can sign up for one or as many sessions as it fits your schedule! For bookings and more information, click on your preferred studio, and/or contact us. Read our Summer Camp FAQ here!

Can't wait to create with you!

Messy Jessy


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