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Pop Art Fun for Kids at Richmond / Vancouver's Summer Camps @ LAB Art Studios

Updated: Jun 1

Pop into creativity!

LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
Summer Camps Week 9 August 19-23
Summer Camps Week 9 Aug 19-23

For the week of August 19th to the 23rd theme of our summer camp program, let your child's creativity explode with vibrant colours and iconic imagery inspired by Pop Art artists!

Held in the picturesque neighbourhoods of Steveston Richmond, Kerrisdale, and Point Grey in Vancouver, our camps are for kids aged 3 to 15 and provide a perfect platform for young artists to delve into the exciting world of Pop Art, a movement that redefined traditional boundaries by incorporating elements of popular culture into art.

Discovering the Vibrant World of Pop Art

Pop Art is all about bold colours, fun images, and a playful approach to art. Our camp embraces this spirit through a variety of activities designed to inspire and educate:

  • Painting Studies: Campers will dive into the techniques used by Pop Art icons like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. They will learn how to use vibrant colors and replicate famous motifs and patterns from consumer culture, such as advertisements and comic strips, transforming ordinary objects into high art.

  • Sculpture Hand-Building: In these sessions, children will create their own sculptures inspired by the works of Claes Oldenburg, known for his oversized renditions of everyday objects. This activity not only helps develop their sculptural skills but also encourages them to view the world around them through a whimsical, artistic lens.

  • Fine Arts Drawing Techniques: Drawing plays a crucial role in Pop Art, particularly in replicating the crisp, bold lines of comic art. Kids will hone their drawing skills, focusing on contouring and the interplay of colours to create striking, graphic images that capture the essence of this playful art form.

  • Textile/Multimedia Arts: Exploring textiles and mixed media will allow kids to incorporate different materials such as fabrics, papers, and unconventional items into their artworks. This session is all about experimentation and innovation, key components of Pop Art.

  • Science and Art Exploration: The relationship between art and technology is central to understanding Pop Art. Campers will engage in activities that explore the science of color theory, optical illusions, and printing techniques, revealing how these elements can be manipulated to create impactful artwork.

  • Creative Story Writing and Reading: Pop Art often tells a story, whether critiquing culture or celebrating consumerism. In these sessions, campers will develop their narrative skills, learning how to weave visual and textual storytelling elements into compelling creative writing.

Summer Camps Schedule
Summer Camps Schedule

Location and Timing

Our camps are conveniently located in Steveston Richmond, Kerrisdale, and Point Grey, making them easily accessible for families across Vancouver. Classes start each day at either 9:00 or 10:00 AM and continue until 5:15 PM, ideal for fitting into busy summer schedules.

Book Your Spot Today!

Don't miss the chance to immerse your child in a week of colourful creativity and artistic exploration. For bookings and more information, click on your preferred studio, and/or contact us. Read our Summer Camp FAQ here!

Let your child pop into a world of imagination and fun this summer at our Pop Art camp!

Can't wait to create with you!

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