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Future Forms: A Journey into Futurism at Richmond and Vancouver's Summer Kids' Camps @ LAB Art Studios

We're firing up the DeLorean for this week's kids' art camps!

LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
LAB Summer Camps Art Eras from June 24-Sep 6
Summer Camps Week 8 August 12-16
Summer Camps Week 8 Aug 12-16

This August 12th to the 16th, unleash your child's creative potential with our Funky Futurists’ theme designed for kids aged 3 to 15. Held in the inspiring locales of Steveston Richmond, Kerrisdale, and Point Grey in Vancouver, this theme offers a captivating exploration into the dynamic and visionary world of ‘tomorrow’.

This unique art movement, characterized by its emphasis on speed, technology, and forward-thinking, provides a thrilling theme for a week filled with innovative art activities.

Embracing the Spirit of Futurism

This camp dives into the heart of Futurism, encouraging our students to imagine and create with an eye towards the future. We'll be studying the art of modern Futurists, and embracing the movement's ethos of challenging traditional boundaries:

  • Painting Studies: Participants will explore the use of dynamic lines and forms to convey movement and energy in their paintings. Drawing inspiration from Futurist artists like Umberto Boccioni and Giacomo Balla, we will learn to represent speed and fluidity, using bold colours and sweeping gestures to mimic the rhythm of modern life.

  • Sculpture Hand-Building: Sculpture sessions will focus on creating works that encapsulate the essence of motion and progression, key themes in Futurism. Using a variety of materials, children will construct pieces that appear to be caught in mid-action, portraying the Futurists' fascination with mechanical and industrial advances.

  • Fine Arts Drawing Techniques: Our drawing classes will emphasize techniques that capture the future-oriented spirit of Futurism. Students will experiment with perspective and abstraction to create visions of futuristic cities and landscapes, developing skills that blend traditional drawing with visionary conceptual thinking.

  • Textile/Multimedia Arts: The integration of metals and textiles in our art will encourage campers to think about how different materials can be used in innovative ways to reflect growing technology.

  • Science and Art Exploration: Futurism's celebration of modernity and innovation makes a perfect pairing with scientific exploration. Activities will include studying the principles of aerodynamics and kinetics as they apply to art, helping campers understand how science can inspire and inform artistic creation.

  • Creative Story Writing and Reading: The narrative component of our camp will challenge young writers to craft stories set in the future, reflecting the transformative vision of Futurist art. These exercises will enhance their ability to imagine and articulate complex, forward-thinking ideas.

Summer Camps Schedule
Summer Camps Schedule

Location and Timing

With three convenient Vancouver locations, our camps are accessible to families throughout the city. Sessions run from 9:00 or 10:00 AM until 5:15 PM, providing full-day engagement for busy summer schedules.

Book Your Spot Today!

Early registration is recommended to ensure your child can participate in this innovative and exciting week of Summer camps! For bookings and more information, click on your preferred studio, and/or contact us. Read our Summer Camp FAQ here!

Give your child a summer filled with creativity, innovation, and a glimpse into the future of art!

Can't wait to create with you!

Messy Jessy + Trendy Wendy


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