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Make Lots of Fantastic Art At LAB's Spring Camps for Kids! - LAB Art Studio

Updated: Mar 2

We are so excited for what's coming up at LAB Studios! Unleash your child's creativity and explore a world of artistic wonders with us this Spring Break. Our camps are going to be available at Steveston, Point Grey as well as Kerrisdale. Yay!

Spring Break Art Camps
Spring Camps at LAB

We've got new and fresh art activities for our students to try out. We've got our classic favourites such as Canvas Painting and Ceramics. This time, we're bringing back Story Writing, Science + Art, and Pop-Up Cards!

Take a look at what we've planned weekly for ages 3-5 from March 18 to April 5:

And here's the schedule for ages 6-9 or 10+ from March 18 to April 5:

As you can see, our camp days are filled with exciting and diverse artsy projects designed for children of all ages to explore. As you peruse our schedules, you might find yourself wondering, "With so many choices, how do I select the best camp session for my child(ren)?"

At LAB Studio, we believe in embracing new experiences, discovering passions, and practicing to improve rather than seeking perfection. Each camp day is unique, ensuring that if your kids sign up for multiple sessions, they will never create the same thing twice.

So, how do you choose the best camp session for your child(ren)?

Begin by determining the age group that fits them best!

We offer three age groups: 3-5, 6-9, and 10+:

  • For the 3-5 group: We focus on simple projects with basic art skills. Step-by-step lessons with guided direction and prompts help children feel at ease to follow instructions. Projects often include drawn-out guidelines and tracing elements to ensure a solid understanding of demonstrated techniques.

  • For the 6-9 group: We introduce more open-ended art prompts, allowing creativity to shine through. While we still provide step-by-step lessons, we aim to draw out each student's individual interests, making their project a unique creation to take home.

  • For the 10+ group: We encourage individual creations! Using the daily theme as a suggestion, students are urged to research and plan their own projects. Instructors provide applicable techniques and assistance if needed, but students should be confident in completing the entire project independently.

Next, here are some questions you might have about the age groups and types of classes:

  • What if my child has never taken an art class before? Our Canvas Painting and Polymer Clay classes are perfect for first-time art students. If your child enjoys these, they can explore other classes like Collage (Gelli Printing) and Watercolour Painting.

  • Can my 3-year-old register for camps? Absolutely! Try one session first to see if your child is comfortable with our intensive classes. The recommended projects for 2-3 year olds are Canvas Painting and Polymer Clay.

  • My child is 3-5 years old, can they stay for a whole day? We highly suggest students between ages of 3-5 take one session a day as these are intensive art classes. We provide a short 10-15 minute break in a session, and expect our students to be able to start and complete the project at hand.

  • What if my child is turning 6 this year? We suggest registering for the 6-9 group to provide a good challenge. Our instructors can offer feedback, and if the older group proves too tricky, adjustments can be made. For Science + Art classes, ensure your child is comfortable with reading, writing, and oral presentations (Grade 1-2 level) before signing up.

  • What if my child doesn’t like making a mess? Try Polymer Clay, (Needle) Felting, and Jewelry Making for mess-free options. Classes like Pencil + Ink Drawing, Watercolour Painting, and Chalk/Oil Pastel Drawing for ages 6 and above are less messy.

  • What do my kid(s) take home from each class? After each 2 or 3-hour session, your child will complete one project to take home, except for Ceramics class, where the clay needs time to dry before firing in our studio kiln.

  • What do my kid(s) take away from 'Sculpture' class? At Steveston and Point Grey, we will get to explore Earthenware clay that turns into Ceramic masterpieces after 2-3 weeks of drying and firing. At Kerrisdale, we will introduce Air Dry clay which is great for hand-building as well, and students will get to take home after a couple days.

Be sure to follow us on our socials to see what projects we make together at our studio: Instagram @lab.artstudio and Facebook

When you're ready to book, consider multi sessions for savings! We offer discounts when you book a whole week same time or a full day art experience:

Registering for our art camps is easy! Book online at

1. Choose your preferred studio (Steveston, Point Grey or Kerrisdale) and click on the "Book Now" tabs.

2. Select your preferred date(s) and follow the registration prompts.

Contact us via email or phone for any questions about our camps.

We can't wait to create with you!

Messy Jessy + Team LAB

-- LAB Language Arts Base Ltd.

Come visit our studios:

4431 W. 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (West Point Grey Village)

Give us a call: +1-604-285-6226

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