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Meet the LAB Friends! - LAB Art Studio

Hey kids! Did you hear? We have a fun design #contest for you right now! We're looking for a new LAB friend to join our studio! Come up with a colourful shape, a good name, and tell us what he/she/they are best known for. You could win a free summer camp session at our studio or an awesome art kit! Check out the details here. (Contest closes July 2, 2021)

For those who are new to our art and academic studio, you may ask, "Who is a LAB friend?"

Well, let us introduce to you our colourful and smiley personalities that love to greet you!

Meet LAB Boi, our all-around awesome pal and leader of the team! He dons the colours of LAB, and squeaky clean cap and sneakers. He's bright like the sun, and super happy to see you. He's definitely the glue of the group because he brings everyone together at the studio.

Then there's Triangal, our blue and timid friend. She may be a quiet one, but her art speaks louder than words. You can always count on her to be creative and original. She may not like a big crowd, but she'll do anything for her friends.

Squarebear is our party animal! He's always down to have a good time; putting his little round pink hands in the air, and waving them like he just don't care! He's also the protector of the group, and will definitely have your back no matter what.

It was just the three of them for a while, and then we had our first "Create a LAB Friend" contest summer of 2020. That's when we discovered three new friends to join the OG LAB group:

Happy Heart (created by Haylie L.) is the adorable friend who loves sunshine, rainbows and fruity sorbets. She's definitely the fashionista of the group, has a big head of hair, and an even bigger heart!

Pacaso (created by Lexi T.) is a big fan of George Braque, and loves shapes of all colours and sizes! She can be very serious about her art, but she's always got her painting pants on, and is ready for a fun day at LAB studio.

Science Boi (created by Brayden C.) is always busy finding answers to life's big questions, running experiments at LAB, and mixing up some glittery fluffy slime. He always does his best, and loves collecting stickers you get from instructors at the end of class.

As the year passed, we had a few more friends join and celebrate with:

Here we have Lab Man, the responsible spiffy-looking oval father-figure of the group. Although he's an adult, he's a big kid at heart. He's never too old to try something new. When he's not working, he likes to dabble in acrylic painting and create on the clay wheel.

Lady Hex loves to have a spooky and silly good time. She fancies herself as a six-sided magician, and always up for a fun trick. Her favourite things to do is play dress up, binge-watch thriller shows, and play practical jokes on others.

Most of the time, Rec-it Ron may be gloomy and a bit anhedonic of a rectangle. However he is always there to listen to people's problems, and be there for his friends. He feels better when he draws out his feelings, and encourages you to do the same if you ever have a bad day.

Star Boi is our newest friend, and is a sparkly nerdy handsome fellow. He's got the shiniest glasses, shoes and limbs you've ever seen! He's a bit of a neat freak, and loves to look like a million dollars. You can count on him to be super generous with his time, all the time.

The LAB friends all love to hang out together at the studio, and is definitely happy and excited to meet new people and be inclusive of who wants to join.

We can't wait to see who will be the next LAB friend!

Go ahead and join our contest! For more summer LAB-tivities, check out our kids' camps and classes. We also love to party it up, and host private workshops for all ages. Can't wait to create with you all.

Lots of smiles,

The LAB Team

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