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New Theme: Fantastic Feasts + City Skylines w/ Denise Fielder @ LAB Art Studio

Our fall schedule is out, and we're introducing longer "Weekly Class" courses at a better cost starting September 2022! Weekly Classes will now run 2 months long, and students will still get to create a couple large themed projects to take home at the end.

In September and October, have your kids join our weekly classes inspired by paper collage enthusiast and illustrator Denise Fielder! We have a great variety of art + academic classes available, our most popular being Mixed Media and Sculpture for kids as young as 3 to youths as big as 15.

Who is Denise Fielder?

We are always looking for unique and different ways to inspire our young students in art making. When we discovered Denise Fielder's paper collage art, it sparked a whole lot of ideas for us in terms of painting, clay art and even in the digital realm. Her Instagram is full of beautiful botanicals, pretty pets and even personal portraits cut out from tiny pieces of text and painted papers. They look

According to this wonderful article by Luxe, Fielder has been creating art for nearly 30 years now, and has been cutting and pasting everything from felt and textile scraps to thrifted books and scrapbook mementos. We love that she does not waste any materials, and inspires us to up-cycle our work and create new life out of something old.

What will we learn in September + October?

When Denise Fielder creates fantastic flowers and pets using special Japanese scissors, she compares it to being “like [a] chef [with] certain knives”, so we thought why don't we recreate a fantastic feast with the art style in mind? In September we'll be collaging and pasting our favourite meals (whether it's dim sum or a turkey sandwich) and playing with shapes and colours to make the yummiest display. Our students will get to make and bake their own palette of foods.

Denise Fielder is also depicting parts of her home in San Francisco, so we'll switch over to collaging and painting fun landscapes of Vancouver using thrifted maps and things that represent our city in October. Our students will get to curate what they love about Vancouver. Will they add the Rocky Mountains? The beautiful water views in Downtown? It's up to our students to decide what parts of the city they will collage, and we can't wait to see what they come up with!

In Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media, we'll be using traditional forms of collage. In other classes like Needle Felting, Sculpture and Digital Drawing, we'll be learning how to adapt the idea of transforming traditional 2D collage into new and sculptural forms.


Check our schedules here, and sign up today to book your spots!

Read more about our different kinds of Weekly Classes here.

Can't wait to create with you this summer!

Messy Jessy + Trendy Wendy


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