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New Weekly Class Theme: Calligrams and Winter Fun Inspired by Steve Harrington @ LAB Art Studios

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Here at LAB, creativity knows no bounds. We're here to explore our young students' artistic talents, and make it exciting and educational!

Harrington-inspired Art
New Weekly Classes at LAB

From first of November to mid-December, we'll be learning about Steve Harrington, an American contemporary pop artist renowned for his vibrant calligrams and whimsical palm tree scenes.

In our Kids' Weekly Classes, the classes will be focused on making captivating art while exploring concepts such as attractive colour combinations, bold outlines, and the incorporation of everyday objects into their compositions.

Meet the Artist: Steve Harrington

Before we dive into the world of Steve Harrington-inspired art, let's get to know the artist himself. Steve Harrington is an acclaimed contemporary pop artist whose work has garnered attention worldwide. His distinctive style blends pop culture, graphic design, and a touch of whimsy, making it perfect for young artists to draw inspiration from. You can explore his vibrant portfolio and learn more about his creative journey on his official website.

The Artistic Journey Begins: Calligrams and Forests

In our weekly art classes, we will explore two key aspects of Steve Harrington's art that are particularly captivating: calligrams and forests.

  • Calligrams: Steve Harrington's calligrams are a fusion of typography and imagery. These visually striking compositions are often filled with meaningful messages and playful shapes. We'll teach your young artists how to create their own calligrams, combining words and images to convey a unique message.

  • Winter Forests: Harrington's forest scenes are a delightful blend of nature and imagination. In these classes, children will learn how to craft whimsical forest landscapes, infusing them with their own creativity and personal touch.

Key Takeaways for Our Students

Our Nov-Dec Weekly Classes offer several valuable takeaways for your children:

  1. Exploration of Color: Harrington's art is known for its bright and attractive color combinations. Children will learn how to select and blend colors effectively to create visually stunning compositions.

  2. Emphasis on Bold Outlines: Bold outlines are a hallmark of Harrington's style. Students will discover how to use bold lines to define their artwork and make it visually engaging.

  3. Incorporating Everyday Objects: One of the unique aspects of Harrington's art is his incorporation of everyday objects into cartoony compositions. We'll guide your children on how to integrate familiar objects into their artwork, sparking their creativity.

  4. Message in Art: Calligrams are a creative way to express thoughts and messages through art. Kids will develop their storytelling skills and learn how to convey messages visually.

Steve Harrington's art provides a fantastic source of inspiration. Through our weekly art classes, we aim to introduce kids to contemporary pop art, helping them explore vibrant colour combinations, bold outlines, and the incorporation of everyday objects into their compositions.


We'll have all sorts of Weekly Class programs available in both our Steveston and Point Grey studios, for the following age groups: Toddlers, 3-5, 6-9, and 10+ years.

Select by location, and then age group for your booking.

See our schedules for Steveston Village!

2023 LAB Steveston - Weekly Classes Nov-Dec
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See our schedules for Point Grey!

2023 LAB Point Grey - Weekly Classes Nov-Dec
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