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Science + Art Classes @ LAB Art Studio

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

One word we hear constantly with kids is “why”. We always love hearing the curious questions our students come to class with; however, there is one space that is devoted to this question: our Science and Art classes! These classes are designed for children ages 7-15, where creativity meets curiosity.

Each month has a theme and art project to reflect their findings. From themes like the mysterious digestive system, to the miraculous butterfly cycle, kids not only learn more about the world around them, but also scientific methods to unlock information in their daily lives.

Next month we will be looking at the digestive system and asking how food travels throughout the body. Don’t fret if this seems like a lot of information though. An instructor will be there to travel through the esophagus all the way to the big intestine!

Worried it is too much information for your child? Well, we understand jittery fingers and antsy minds. That is why not only will we be learning about the digestive system, but we will be creating a marble drop game to reflect it.

We will start from the mouth, and as each level gets painted, students will gain a deeper understanding of the digestive journey as well.

We believe that science and art can mesh together and create innovative creations. Using art to reflect one’s learning helps solidify information by transforming short term memories into long term knowledge. Even more, creative art based on new learnings help children forge a unique bond with the topics. What was once simply the digestive system becomes that game they folded, painted, and played. There is something unique about having your own claim and connection to a topic.

We cannot wait to ask curious questions together!

Amazing Andrea

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