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What is the LAB Philosophy? - LAB Art Studio

Updated: Feb 7

Our philosophy for LAB is a simple one: it's all about building a space for people of all ages to discover interests and passions they never knew they had. LAB has been a place for a mother to see their 2-year-old hold a paintbrush for the first time, and for young kids to experiment with volcanos, write and draw out their first comic book, propagate a plant, and learn how to hand-sew a pillow. LAB has also been a place for a group of teens to have their first 'grown-up' art party, a place for a child who just moved to Canada to learn their first words, and has even been a place for a family of three different generations to join a painting class, and connect with each other for the first time since COVID restrictions were lifted.

All this is not possible without our amazing team of instructors who are here for you; dedicated to making each class as memorable, fun, and educational as possible. At LAB, we're here to show you how important progress is; that progress makes improvement, and how we're not too keen to reach perfection. We're committed to the journey of art-making; always learning from one another, and developing on what we've done in the past. We see the benefits of incorporating all kinds of art processes, and we're willing to keep growing and reinventing ourselves to be a better version of who we are.

We have been doing this since 2014, and have continuously built on this foundation of our shared love for art. We believe that learning anything else can be "easy peasy lemon squeezy" when art is a part of it. We are so grateful for everyone who has and is a part of our journey to make LAB a space for everyone. We just love seeing LAB grow into a happy space for many families new and old to gather together, where so many creations have started and built upon, and how it's become a place for the little ones to grow and discover themselves.

Early days of LAB in Hong Kong (2014-16)

LAB's first "Pop Up Studio" (2018)

LAB studio @ Elmbridge Way (2018-2020)

LAB studio @ Steveston Village (2020- )

We are looking at a very healthy and wonderful new year here at our Steveston Village studio. We've been working hard on some big projects, and also looking forward to having a party to celebrate our 2 years at our current location. Everyone is definitely getting an invitation for early June!

We love LAB with all our hearts, and if you also love what we do, please help give us a star studded review :D

Can't wait to continue creating with you all,

Messy Jessy + Trendy Wendy

-- LAB Language Arts Base Ltd. Come visit our studios:

Give us a call: +1-604-285-6226 See what we're about: Keep up to date by following us on Instagram @lab.artstudio and Facebook Love what we do? Give us a review :D


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