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A Golden Goodnight with Gustav Klimt - LAB Art Studio

Have your kids join our very special artsy weekly classes, as we’ll be learning all about Gustav Klimt’s love for beautiful patterns, simple textures and lustrous gold! We have a great variety of art + academic classes available, our most popular being Mixed Media and Sculpture for kids as young as 3 to youths as big as 15. We’ll also be introducing Digital Drawing and Needle Felting courses for students 7 and up!

Who is Gustav Klimt?

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was born in Austria, and is known for his Art Nouveau-style paintings. What does that mean? His art would often have a theme of using long flowing lines and things were connected in ways that looked natural and pleasing to the eye. Art Nouveau was a very famous and popular art movement, since a lot of people wanted to see more beautiful things rather than stoic and gray-looking things that came about from the Industrial Revolution.

Mr. Klimt came from a poor but very talented family: his father engraved gold for a living, and his mother loved music. His parents supported his dreams of being an artist and let him go to a prestigious art school in Vienna. Soon enough, he was creating his most popular works such as “The Kiss” (1907) and “The Tree of Life” series (1905). He would use a lot of metallic pigments and gold leaf to make his paintings even more decorative and rich! We love the romance and beauty in his paintings, and cannot wait to recreate Mr Klimt's work with our students in many mediums.

What will kids learn in May and June?

In most of our Art classes, we’ll be recreating the famous works of Gustav Klimt in our own fun LAB style.

Mr Klimt never painted his own portrait as he thought he was not as important as his art subjects. However let's give our students the change to change that narrative! We can create self-portraits, and snuggle in with our favourite person, stuffed toy or thing. Afterwards, we will have some fun growing tall and curvy trees and make them flow out of the canvas. We'll learn all about patterns, how colours can go together, and make the longest lines that connect everything together. Whether your child chooses to do Acrylic Painting, Sculpture, Pencil Drawing and/or Needle Felting, we'll ensure all their projects will turn out golden!

Check our schedules here, and sign up today to book your spots!

Can't wait to create with you,

Messy Jessy + Trendy Wendy


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