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In the Jungle with Frida Kahlo - LAB Art Studio

We all loved painting Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” so much earlier this year, that we’ll study another portraiture series inspired by Mexican painting, Frida Kahlo, in June. Yay!

What is Frida Kahlo well-known for?

During the time Frida Kahlo was alive, many artists were only men. She was one of the pioneering female artists of her time! Frida Kahlo did not have an easy life: her home country was going through a lot of policies she did not agree to, and she also got sick early in life. She had a lot of sad feelings, and found that painting made her feel better. Animals also made her feel happier too. Did you know, she was a mother to a xoloitzcuintli (Mexican hairless dog), a couple pet spider monkeys, a parrot, two turkeys, a black cat, a fawn, and an eagle? Wow!

She’s famous for her style of realistic self-portraits with fantastical backgrounds (including her pets). She was also not afraid to show her odd side; she embraced her unibrow, her colourful clothing and her serious expressions. Many people adored her wonderfully surreal style and storytelling. Today, her home in Mexico City is open for all to enter, and many of her art can be seen in museums around the world. (Zelazko)

Here is what students will learn during the weekly art classes:

Portraits are quite important in art history, and we recognize them as an artist’s skill and talent. They can tell a part of the artists’ life story, a moment in culture and history, and/or a mood and feeling. Depending on which class students are taking, all ages will learn proportion techniques for drawing/painting faces as well as their favourite animals. They’ll also practice adding light and shadows with colour. Younger students will learn to recognize basic facial features, and have a fun time making portraits of Frida Kahlo in a jungle setting. Older students will be challenged to create more realistic portraits, and they can have a choice to recreate a Frida Kahlo painting or a self-portrait.

Here are some of the artwork we’ll be referring to in June:

Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940

Me and My Parrots, 1941

Self-Portrait with Monkey, 1940

We hope you can join us next month! Check our schedules to sign up and save your child(ren)'s spot today :)

Lots of smiles, Messy Jessy



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