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Let’s Go Underwater and Have a Parisian Summer with Marc Chagall - LAB Art Studio

This summer, have your kids join our awesome artsy weekly classes! We have a great variety of art classes available, our most popular being Mixed Media and Sculpture for kids as young as 3 to youths as big as 15. In July & August, we're going to deep dive into Mr. Marc Chagall's beautiful dreamy world, and learn about his style and story.

Who is this marvellous Mr. Marc Chagall?

Let me tell you, Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was best known for his colourful and surreal paintings. He created a lot of the same and simple village-life imagery inspired by his childhood in Russia. Many would call his art: Jewish folklore. You’ll see he sprinkles a lot of fish and fiddlers all around, and the more you look at his art, the more hidden treasures you'll find. Although he grew up in troublesome times when his people were not wanted, he inspires people to continue to express themselves in art to keep their memories and dreams alive.

What will kids learn in the summer months: July and August?

Kids will explore the whimsical world of Marc Chagall, and learn his many beautiful styles that touch on themes of Cubism (funky shapes), Fauvism (bright rainbow colours) and Abstract Expressionism (all the fun stuff).

In July, we’ll dive underwater and make acrobatic mermaids, pet sea monsters, and schools of fish come to life! Students will learn how to create monochromatic art, which means they will get to use lights and darks of the same colour to build an ocean fantasy scene either on a canvas or in sculptural form.

In August, we’ll make our way up back to the surface and discover Paris, France in the summertime. We’ll play with complimentary colours and floral patterns. We’ll learn how to make the best composition, and make sure there’s balance of shapes and colours throughout all our projects.

Will the class projects repeat if I sign up all summer long?

Although we’re learning about the same artist Marc Chagall in both months, there will be different art styles and references to work with because Chagall’s range of work is very vast! In the end, kids should be able to learn much about the artist’s life, his inspiration, and his wonderful artistry.

Check our schedules here, and sign up today to book your spots!

Can't wait to create with you,

Messy Jessy


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