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Superflat Theme Parks and Fun Characters with Takashi Murakami - LAB Art Studio

Next month, we’re going to create a super sweet Superflat theme park inspired by Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami! Whether you're looking for activities for homeschoolers or for after school, we've got great classes and flexible schedules for kids from toddlers to teens.

Who is Takashi Murakami?

You might have seen him a few years ago when he exhibited in the Vancouver Art Gallery! Mr. Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist who primarily works with painting and sculpture, and incorporates his art into fashion, accessories and even animation! He calls his art: Superflat, which means having a bunch of flat forms influenced by Japanese graphic art and pop culture (of a postwar Japanese society). Mr. Murakami’s art is fun, colourful and filled with childhood whimsy. We love his super smiley style and hope you do too.

What sort of art projects will kids learn in November and December?

Our LAB team is going to combine the love of theme parks with Takashi Murakami’s art style. We’re going to design rollercoasters, swings, Ferris wheels and carousels all with a Superflat inspiration!

For our toddlers and parents, we have some awesome mixed media projects to try out! We're going to paint bright backgrounds, sculpt happy flowers, and learn about rainbow colours.

Our younger artists ages 3-6 can join in Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture and Alphabet + Art classes! We’ll focus on linework and colours for most of our projects. Kids will love the happy colours, and create their own fun mascots in their very own park design.

Older artists ages 7 to 15 have opportunities to learn basics of framing Superflat painting compositions, sketch and outline a whole park map, and sculpt kinetic rides out of clay. We’ll also learn about the hype of Mr. Murakami’s style, and understand a bit more about what postmodern art is about.

Check our schedules here, and sign up today to book your spots!

Can't wait to create with you,

Messy Jessy + Trendy Wendy


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