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What do Kids do in Mixed Media Class? - LAB Art Studio

Updated: May 6, 2021

We often get asked what “Mixed Media” is for our weekly classes :D

Perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words:

Mixed media means using different mediums to create our project. We might do some pencil drawing, watercolouring, Gelli-printing, collaging, acrylic painting, modeling clay, needle felting, sewing, and working with oil pastels - Whew! That's a lot of things to try! We might include at least two of these elements, or we might be very ambitious and do it all in one course. Depending on the month's theme, our instructors, and the capability of the students that month, everyone might end up with completely different projects. This is part of the fun of mixed media projects!

The benefits are endless when it comes to introducing art to kids' learning. Trying out different kinds of activities will let your kid(s) explore their interests and how they want to express their individuality. According to research done by George Lucas Educational Foundation, art processes allow children to remember information quicker and better as "[it] taps into the visual, kinaesthetic and linguistic areas of the brain" - yay!

For parents who aren’t sure what their kids like best, Mixed Media class is a great way to try different things within one month’s course. Every month is a different theme and project, so there's no better time than the present to see how we can help with your kids' learning!

Check out our schedules here, and sign up today. Can't wait to create you!

Messy Jessy & The LAB Team


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