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New Theme: Creating Marvellous Superheroes Inspired by Michelangelo @ LAB Art Studio

LAB is kicking off 2023 with a POW! And a BANG!

Join us for our weekly classes from January to February and create magnificent art pieces featuring your favourite superheroes, inspired by world famous Renaissance artist, Michelangelo!

Interested in all things art related? Join our Mixed Media class! These classes are popular for children ages 3 to 5, where they are able to explore different mediums of art, such as sculpting, painting, collaging and more!

If you enjoy a more focused and centered class, try our Acrylic Painting classes for students from ages 3 to 15! Aspiring artists love them and learn many components of art, such as colour, form and shapes. For our children ages 6 and up, students are able to experiment and create captivating art through Sculpture and Digital Drawing classes.

Let's Learn About Michelangelo!

Michelangelo Buonarroti was a famous and amazing sculptor, painter and architect from Italy. He was known for many popularized western art pieces, such as the sculpture of David from the story ‘David and Goliath’ and other religious paintings like "Creation of Adam". Have you ever visited the inside of the Sistine Chapel, and taken a look at all the decorative paintings from wall to ceiling? That was all Michelangelo!

Interesting fact about Michelangelo: he made his mark in the art world by copying other great artists like Raphael at first - yikes! Of course it is frowned upon to forge other great works and pass it off as their own, but Michelangelo proved himself to be a talented fellow in his later years.

We still admire the great impact that he has played during the Renaissance, and even now in modern art.

What will we learn in January + February?

We're going to study Michelangelo's sculpted artworks like 'David' and learn how to draw and build body proportions first in January. Then in February, we'll include some superhero story-telling into the mix, and make some really comical and fun works. Be sure to have your kids join us and create some really amazing pieces with our various classes.

In Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media, we'll be using traditional forms of proportional painting. In other classes like Needle Felting, Sculpture and Digital Drawing, we'll be learning how to adapt the idea of transforming traditional 2D collage into new and sculptural forms.


Check our schedules here, and sign up today to book your spots!

Read more about our different kinds of Weekly Classes here.

Can't wait to create with you in the new year!

Messy Jessy + Trendy Wendy


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