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Why Your Kids Should Try Our Alphabet & Art Classes! - LAB Art Studio

Updated: May 5, 2023

Here at LAB studio, we offer a great variety of art and academic classes for kids! Alphabet & Art class is designed for young children (preschoolers to kindergarteners) to practice reading with phonics and sight words, and learn how to draw/sculpt basic shapes, animals and people!

What can my child(ren) expect from joining an Alphabet & Art class?

Messy Jessy and team created simple artsy worksheets and flashcards to make alphabet writing and letter/sound recognition fun for kids! We start with introducing our theme of the month, and review a letter at a time. Then, we work on an art project that will be completed over the course. During class, students can participate with others in playing letter/word games, and practice speaking not only to the instructors but also with their peers. Then, through drawing and simple craft activities, kids are building on their fine motor skills, and creative thinking.

My child(ren) already know(s) their alphabet. Would this class be too easy for them?

If your child(ren) is/are well versed with their ABC’s, that’s great to know! Our certified instructors will take their learning one step further and practice spelling, and even simple sentence writing. Our class groups are small so instructors are able to provide all students the attention required to complete their work with confidence.

What kind of art do the students create in this class?

Students will get to practice with pencils and high-quality watercolours. Sometimes, we can even create some beautiful polymer clay art too. We use these simple mediums to link the letters and/or vocabulary learned with the monthly theme!

Right now, our students are learning the letter sounds F, K, J and A for our theme: In the Jungle with Frida Kahlo. We’re learning how to draw a portrait of Frida and also some favourite animals in the shape of letters. In a study by Fernandes, Wammes & Meade (2018), students who draw information remember almost twice as much as students who wrote - and some students weren’t even practiced artists! We hope to continue coming up with fun and creative visual and sensory ways that will help young kids better remember new vocabulary and our art history themes.

Why should your child(ren) try out our Alphabet + Art classes?

There are so many benefits in incorporating arts into kids’ learning. Our art classes give students opportunities to hone in on their imagination, and to feel happy and relaxed when they realize they can make something on their own. For kids to feel proud, and want to express that wonderful feeling to their families and peers is an amazing goal for us, teachers! We offer the building steps to encourage kids to pursue arts as it can help with other areas of learning like language, math and science.

Check out weekly classes for 3-5's here!

Can’t wait to create with you,

Team LAB


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